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Tiffany's Fitness, LLC

New Consultations, Nutrition, Personal Training
4155 E. Jewell #225 (I25 & Colorado Blvd.)
Denver, Co 80222
303-715-0496 (OGYM)

Phone Phone: 303-715-0496 (0GYM)
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If you need to contact one of Tiffany's Nutrition Specialists, Fitness Consultants, Trainers, or purchase a store item, please fill out the information requested and someone will return your e-mail message promptly!

You may also contact us at 303-715-0496 (0GYM).  If we are unable to answer your phone call, we are probably with a client. Please leave a message with your name, phone number and the type of session(s) you are interested in and one of Tiffany's representatives will be in contact.

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Contact Information:

Tiffany's Fitness, LLC

New Consultations, Nutrition, Personal Training
4155 E. Jewell #225 (I25 & Evans)
Denver, Co 80222
Phone Phone: 303-715-0496 (0GYM)
Email Email:
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Protein Muffins

Have you tasted these delicious protein muffins from TRY Fit Foods, Inc. that help boost your metabolism and burn fat quickly? (The muffin mix are flourless and gluten free and packed with protein.) Banana nut, Chocolate chip, Pumpkin and Vanilla are some of iour clients' favorites!


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Tiffany Yee Fitness

Use a heart rate monitor.

Use a heart rate monitor when doing your cardio workouts to make sure you are performing in your fat-burning or target zone. (I never leave home without mine.)

If your primary goal is to burn fat, try doing your cardio workouts first thing in the morning before eating (in a fasted state). Scientific studies show that fat is burned much faster (up to 300% faster) when you exercise in the morning as opposed to doing the same exercise in the afternoon. HRMpic