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Susan Benz – 2009 Ms Fitness USA Champion

Mariane HarschSusan went from 31st place in physique in 2007  to 2nd  in physique in 2008, to winning the Ms Fitness USA title in 2009.

 “Working with Tiffany at Body Statement Gym made my body transformation a relative breeze.  Tiffany's plan made sure all of my hard work gave me the results I needed.  I got into the absolute best shape of my life in less than six months! While the diet may be a little strict the week before competition, the rest of the training diet is easy to follow and is pretty tasty. Having snacks on hand ensures that I am never hungry, never thinking about food. All of Tiffany's recommendations are quick and easy to make and certainly make you feel good about yourself. Tiffany's Magic Muffins and "Panookie" recipes are easy to make and are fantastic snacks that taste great and feel very filling. My exercise program does not include long hours at the gym, but does make me feel like I have accomplished something when I'm done.  I am in the best shape of my life and I look and feel fantastic!” – Susan Benz (2009 Ms Fitness USA)

Mariane Harsch

Mariane Harsch
Mariane went from an unhappy “couch potato” mom to “hot stuff” in just three months! Check out her success story and “live” tv segments on Fox 31 News with Tiffany, sharing her body transformation secrets.

 “I love what Body Statement Gym has done for me. I had been working out and eating what I thought was healthy, but couldn't figure out why I wasn't getting the results I was after  After consulting with Tiffany, I was placed on a nutrition plan where I had never eaten so much food in my life.  In fact, I thought for sure I was going to be gaining weight on this plan.  I was able to drop 2% body fat in just 10 days of eating 5 nutritious meals per day including those delicious Magic Protein Muffins!” -  Mariane Harsch (38 year old, mother of two)

Heidi Malano

Heidi “I truly believe that Tiffany and BODY Statement Gym's Online Nutrition program was the  foundation to my success! - Heidi Malano (2007 Ms Fitness USA Runner-up)

Melissa Nutt  Bef/After

Fitness Tip

What burns more fat?

Running on the treadmill or 1/2 hr of weights?

Running will burn more calories at the moment (perhaps 300 calories for 1/2 hour) but a 1/2 hour training session with a BODY Statement Gym trainer will will burn moup more calories thoughout the day because the body needs to recover from muscle break down. In addition, the more lean muscle you have, the faster your metabolism and the the more your body will burn fat. We recommend both weight training with cardiovascular training for the heart. So PUMP UP!