Body Transformations

Mary Wasinger - CO State Body Transformation Challenge Champion

Mary Wasinger
"I wanted to thank Tiffany for showing me how to eat nutritiously and thank the BODY Statement Gym Staff for teaching me how to exercise effectively! I lost over 25lbs of body fat and I’ve never felt better in my life."  - Mary Wasinger

Becky Brewster - Mile High Body Transformation Champion

Becky BrewsterBecky was diagnosed with breast cancer and was told she'd be unable to continue with her training due to her chemotherapy treatments. She started at close to 39% body fat and dropped 80 lbs. and down to 21%. Becky is proof that if you want something bad enough you can accomplish anything you put your mind to.

Luke Ching – Rocky Mountain Body Transformation Champion

“I wanted to thank Tiffany and the BODY Statement Gym staff for helping me drop over 100lbs of body fat and for changing my life.” – Luke Ching (Light House salon business owner)

Susan Lyons – Colorado State Body Transformation Winner

Susan couldn't believe her body fat & weight could drop so quickly. She trained with the BODY Statement Gym Team four times a week and at her weekly nutrition sessions with Tiffany, her eyes would often tear up as fat on her body melted away. She lost over 63 lbs of body fat!


 “The most difficult part about getting healthy and fit was the eating part. Getting in shape and losing weight means eating less than we usually do, right? Actually, it’s not! I have learned so much about nutrition working with the BODY Statement Gym. I learned I was eating less than I should and too infrequently. It was difficult at first to eat all the food that I was prescribed; however, I have already lost 15 lbs and I feel healthier than I’ve ever felt!” - Dylan


"I have Tiffany Yee to thank for what I have accomplished. She has given me the confidence to believe in myself and my fitness goals, not only as a trainer but as a friend. Tiffany, I appreciate all you have done for me. Thanks!" - Bonnie Scofield (Colorado State Fitness & Figure Champion)

Joni Carey
Joni Carey

"What motivates me to be fit and healthy is my 4 year old son telling me I am beautiful no matter what!"

"The body is a science and Tiffany is the training and nutrition chemist who has all the right combinations to help you reach your best. Each time I met with her I saw results, I felt stronger and had more energy." - Joni Carey

Joni Carey

"I wanted to challenge myself towards my personal best in
body transformation, and more importantly to be fit for life!
My goal is to give my family consistently the quality me
and not the leftover me. Thank you to the BODY Statement Gym Team for all my 5am training sessions." - -- Gaye

Client of the Month

Jennifer Edwards

140 lbs. with 36% body fat

At 115 lbs., dropped 25lbs. with 19.2% healthy and fit body fat