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Tiffany Yee | Competition coach for natural athletes| Body Transformation Specialist|Certified nutrition specialist & fitness trainer

"Whether better energy or sleep, weight loss, increase of lean muscle or other sports are motivating you, my team and I are excited to help you attain your 2015 fitness goals to help improve your quality of life!" ~ Tiffany Yee

If getting in competition shape is one of your lifetime dreams, start training for the Rocky Mountain Natural Body Championships scheduled for April 25, 2015 and contact us to get started!

Fitness America weekend
Musclemania World

Tiffany Yee recently competed at Fitness America weekend and WON (after a 5 year hiatus from competing), becoming the first FIGURE UNIVERSE NATURAL PRO in the state of Colorado!

In 2008, Tiffany competed in Las Vegas and earned the prestigious title of MS FITNESS USA on Fox Net Sports! At age 39, Tiffany was not only the oldest competitor to have earned the Ms Fitness USA 2008 title, she is also the first ever title holder of Asian descent in the competition’s 28 year- history. She is a former NFL Denver Broncos Cheerleader and earned a Super Bowl XXXIII championship ring.

Tiffany has a passion to help improve peoples's lives through fitness. This passion has manifesed itself in her training and nutrition center in Denver. It provides personal training, semi-private and group training and nutrition assistance to those looking to improve their health or body or performance in a competitive sport. Tiffany and her coaching team has helped hundreds of clients who have failed in the past by taking a personalized approach with each client. Each client is evaluatd based on his or her lifestyle, needs and goals rather than a predetermined set of numbers. She also works with hundreds of clients all over the United States and world through her Online coaching and webinars.

Tiffany is originally from Santa Barbara, California but has made Colorado and California her home the past twenty years. She is a Strength and Conditioning coach, and specializes in nutrition programs for general health as well as competitive athletes. She has appeared in numerous national and international magazines as a fitness expert and writer, including Oxygen and Ms Fitness. Tiffany appears on television as a fitness spokesperson giving nutrition and fitness advice, and was a Celebrity Fitness Expert on E! Entertainment’s "30 Best & Worst Celebrity Beach Bodies". Tiffany and her team of professionals are known as extreme makeover experts as seen on Fox 31 with their recent Foxy Body Transformation Challenge.

Tiffany has earned more than 20 state and national fitness titles, and has represented the United States at the Ms Fitness World competition, placing 5th Runner-up overall in the world.

She has served on the Fit For Life Committee for the past nine years, which helps to promote health and fitness through natural fitness competitions through Fitness America and Musclemania. She has also served on the judging panel for the Mrs. Colorado Pageant.

Our Training Philosphy

With our effective training and nutrition philosophy, we've helped hundreds of clients reach health and fitness goals they were unable to attain on any other program. 

Tiffany and her team understand how the human body is incredibly adaptive and gets use to exercises very quickly. This is why many people often hit plateaus and get frustrated with their current fitness training. Every person is a unique individual and responds to exercises differently. So what works for one individual may not work for another.

Tiffany Yee and her elite team of body transformation coaches are determined to focus on each individual’s personal fitness goals, assuring they each achieve outstanding results.
No matter waht coach or trainer you work with, rest assured you will fully experience Tiffany's unique nutrition and training program that has produced proven results for years. We guarantee this system will allow you to reach health and fitness goals you never dreamed possible!

Our Team

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Certified Fitness Trainer| Competition Specialist |  


  1. Functional Training
  2. Nutrition Specialist
  3. Injury Assessment
  4. Posture Analysis
  5. General Fitness
  6. Sports performance/ Explosive movements
  7. Competition prep
  8. Body Composition
  9. Muscle Hypertrophy (Building)
  10. Strength and Power Training
  11. High Intensity Interval Training
  12. Program Design
  13. Core/Stability



Lauren Delucca is originally from Iowa and her background includes rigorous dance training, choreographing cheerleading competitively, long-distance running, and lifting weights. Along with being an athlete, she is classically trained pianist, bassoonist, an operatic/lyric soprano and strives to continue her family’s legacy of education on how to improve quality of life.

Lauren attended Arizona State University and graduated with honors, majoring in Kinesiology/Exercise Physiology. While completing her degree and post-graduate work, she was involved in training clients as well as mentoring new group exercise instructors on how to teach a variety of classes, including water fitness, boot camps, step aerobics, cardio-kickboxing, and strength/conditioning.

Lauren was crowned Mrs. Wyoming in 2010 and was able to promote her platform of staying physically active to people of all demographics around the West. She placed in the Top Six at the National Mrs. America pageant, which further motivated her to spread her message of healthful living and clean nutritious eating. She also started competing as a natural figure and physique competitor in 2004, was a sports model, a half-marthoner, and worked as a certified personal trainer, lifeguard, and fitness/Yoga/Pilates instructor. She relocated to Colorado in 2011 and. Along with group exercise instruction, has dedicated time to providing guidance to pageant contestants in all systems.

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More on Tiffany

Ms. Fitness USA
Figure Universe Natural PRO -2014


  • Diet and Nutrition Specialist
  • Specializes in Performance Sports & Health Nutrition
  • Fitness television spokesperson on nutrition and fitness
  • Featured Dancer on the Soul Train Television  show (1989 –1994)
  • Former NFL Denver Broncos, Super Bowl XXXIII Cheerleader
  • Featured in numerous fitness calendars
    • 2009 “Fit For Life” Calendar – Cover & Ms. April
    • 2008 “Fit For Life” Calendar – Cover & Ms. March
    • 2007 “Fit For Life” Calendar – Ms. February
    • 2006 INSPIRE Fitness Calendar – Ms. May
    • 2004 Fitness Divas Calendar – Ms. December
  • Tiffany Yee’ s Competition Titles:
    • Ms Fitness USA CHAMPION 2008 (Fox Net Sports)
    • Ms Fitness World 2009 – 3rd Runner-up in physique, 7th Place
    • Ms Fitness World 2008, 2004-2006  – Top 10 (Fox Net Sports)
    • Ms Fitness USA 2006, 4th Runner-up (Fox Net Sports)
    • Ms Fitness USA 2005, 2nd Runner-up (Fox Net Sports)
    • Ms Fitness USA 2004, Runner-Up (Fox Net Sports)
    • Ms Fitness USA 2003 - 4th Runner-up (Fox Net Sports)
    • Ms Fitness World 2003  – 13th Place
    • NPC Colorado State Fitness Champion 2002
    • NPC Colorado State Figure Champion 2002
    • Ms. Fitness Rocky Mountain Champion 2003,2002
    • Fitness Northern California Champion 2002
    • Ms. Physique California 2002 - 1st Runner Up
  • Group Exercise, Fitness & Dance Instructor
  • Extreme makeover expert as seen with her 12 week Body Transformation Challenge on Fox 31
  • Contributing Writer for national fitness magazines
  • Celebrity Fitness Expert on "30 Best & Worst Celebrity Beach Bodies" - E! Entertainment
  • Life Coach/ Motivator - To Better the Quality of Life!